Friday, 25 December 2009

SEO tips

These days.. after finishing with the flash coding for I have started with SEO and PHP security. Today Im studing SEO techniques and I think I should write down all the key points related to SEO on HTML content, so there you go:
  • Include keywords in your URL
  • Dont use superlong URLs full of query strings and vars. the less the better.
  • Use title, keywords and description meta-tags on the header of your html code.
  • Keyword tips (google ignores them?):
    • put the keywords in order of importance.
    • less is better.
    • use lowercase words.
    • use only important words.
    • no need to make similar sentences with same keywords, no comas are needed to separate those words. If you need special combinations use quote signs then.
  • First thing appearing within the [html] tag should be a text, place the images later in the code.
  • Use your primary keywords on the beginning of your text (or at least first paragraph) on your main page.
  • Place alt tags with your keywords on the images.
  • Write porper links, dont use meaningless links such "here" or "this link".
  • In the links that come to your site for a certain key phrase - you need thoses links [alt] tag to be your keywords.
  • Make sitemaps.
  • Make footers with your contact detail in every page on your site.
To improve your chances of getting higher in search engines, I think the best way (talking from my ignorance on SEO) is to get links from other sites. Not bad sites, just normal sites and links from popular sites will do quite well.

Create a sitemap linking the most important pages on your website and keep you code clean and tidy(valid your code using w3c validator) to make the search engines an easier life (even a beeing digital and virtual they have a life).

When you are done remember to submit your site in the most important search engines:
google , bing and yahoo.

Here is a list with most of the popuplar search engines. And create some accounts from twitter and other social networks such facebook or linkedin to get lots of traffic toyour site.

I think that might be all. Am I missing something?