Sunday, 22 November 2009

Recomended software 2009

Hi everyone,

This is all the software I can recommend to you to install on your computer (Windows) but I'm sure you can find some of this for Mac.

Some of the software is paid software but most of it is free.. If it has a dollar symbol, means that you have to pay for it. From cheap to expensive: ($) ($) ($) .

If you think I don't mention other software that you really like please let us know. The aim is to use the best software out there and let everyone know how to have a nicer IT experience.

Software that require to be installed after Installing the OS:

It is a files compressor. With this I dont need WinRar or WinZip.

Email software.

Add ons:
  1. Smartsave

Much better than IE. Not as fast as google Chrome .

I keep it because I use all of these add ons:
  1. adBlock plus 1.1.1
  2. FireBug
  3. Flash Switcher (fix for Win7 and Vista) [for win7-64bits: C:\Windows\SysWOW64\Macromed\Flash]
  4. Flash Tracer (or you can use Vizzy flash player as stand alone application)
  5. Live HTTP Headers
  6. Modify Headers
  7. Stumble Upon
  8. Password exporter

Foxit Reader
Read PDFs without having to install Adobe's PDF Reader.

Twitter client.

Fookes Mailbag Assistant ($)
Back up and archive emails. It is very nice as it packs all your emails into one big file.
It has search functions. It is very efficient.


OpenOffice 3
Office suite, it works quite well and it is free.

bla bla bla. over the net.

Corel x4 ($)
I got used to it, I recommend it as it is cheap and i don't need the power of photo shop.

Net Limiter ($)
Limits your network upload/downloads.
You can force some software to connect at the max speeds you want. Is good for testing.

PhotoMatix ($)
Is good for composing HDR images

Until Flash Develop (next on the list) I used it all the time to work with plain text files
Now I only use it to tidy XML files.
It is not fully compatible with Windows7. It has troubles saving lang.xml and sometimes config.xml.

Software that doesn't require to be installed:
that means you wont have to install the crap files that comes with it. Just try to execute the software after installing Windows in a clean format. If you have a Mac I can't help you, you choosed to pay more, your problem :)

Best player, I have used it since Version 2 and I love that I can control the software with key combinations when it is NOT in focus. That means that I can pause music any instant I need it without having to stop what you are doing. For example:You can stop it when someone needs you for a second with just a key stroke combination. Or you can skip a song that you don't really like or whatever you can do normally with the player in focus.:)

It has this add-on called enhancer, it improves the quality of the sound a lot.

Those two features makes Winamp the best player for me.

Trillian 4
IM client that can combine lots of different services into just one "log in" and one piece of software.

CuteFTP ($)
TIP: If you move the sm.dat into my documents, then you wont lose your FTP details ever again.

Very light but powerful video player.

Flash Develop
You need to install it once as portable or (single user mode). After that doesnt need to be installed ever again.
Software suited for programming Flash Action Script and PHP, SQL, XML and HTML?.
It has code snippets which makes it much better than Flash Builder .
It doesnt have a Flash debugger!

Flash CS3 portable
It is not sold by Adobe, in fact I think is free but If u paid for your original copy of CS3 ($) it should be fine (and moral) working with this.
It doesn't come with help panels.

Keep your passwords super safe with this tool.

Super (eRightSoft)
Convert any video file format to any other format in a very easy way.

Simple but powerful video editor.

Is good to have a look where you have some files in your HD. IS perfect to find and delete junk on your Hard Drives!

Helps you to remember things. Specially done to learn languages in a not dedicated way. Is really good.

Is good to clean your registry files and temporary files.

Old software that used to work very well.

Good CD -> MP3 back up software

Good DVD->9 to DVD-4 movies back up software

iCPU Shutdown
Switch off your computer whenever a condition is true. Timer, Network traffic, etc.
Beware some anti viruses detect it as virus.... is not!

Identifies what CPU are you using. Is good it tells you speeds and other important stuff related to your hardware.

The next software is for XP! I Don't recommend them for windows 7.

4T Tray Minimizer ($)
RocketDock (OSX dock in windows) + DesktopCoral
Startup Delayer
TaskAssign (good for XP and multicore PCs as lets you optimize the afinitiy of each software you are running in a permanent way)